Taiwan Phoenix Community Talk on 4/17

NBIC’s regularly meet up take place in every second-Wednesday monthly in NanKang district. You may ask what’s so different of this event from others. We would say: we wish people keep evolve and touch, and here is the platform Biotech startup can share their knowledge as well as confession. It is more likely a family, everyone has chance to talk.
Today, we have Hank from Boston with us, to share his story to us.

Hank Wu advises and mentors digital health startups, accelerators and VCs in the Boston innovation community. His goal as computer scientist, biotechnologist and entrepreneur is to improve the lives of one billion people.

Most recently, Hank served as digital executive at a Flagship Venture Labs and Google-backed biotech startup that rocketed through Series B, C and IPO. Prior to that, he led digital strategy and innovation at a Fortune 500 biopharma where he developed novel biomarkers using computer vision, machine learning and wearables; created the talent development program for data science and digital health tech; and put the company on the map as thought leader at Bio-IT World and AWS:reInvent. Hank’s track record of breaking new ground includes technology platforms at the J. Craig Venter Institute, public-private partnerships at the US National Lab for Cancer Research, and growing his first digital health startup from angel to acquisition.

Hank got his left brain in electrical engineering and computer science from the University of California, Berkeley, his right brain in biotech MS/MBA from the Johns Hopkins University and his hindbrain from MIT Sloan.