DCB with Masschallenge and Partners to Host a Bootcamp on May 25, 26 in Taipei

Since 2018, DCB initialed the cooperation with Masschallenge and reached a comprehensive partnership. It has created a wildly impact and echo in startup society in Taiwan, also to expand its scope to attract many partners to join. The spirit of sharing and giving now become a phenomenon in Taiwan. The ecosystem of bio-industry between Boston and Taipei is firmly fostering since then.

From May 25 to May 30, DCB crew host MC mentors and staff including Jennifer, Kathleen, Hank, Alley, Rani, Alec, Sunanda and Brittany totally 8 person from first day they arrived. Guests are glad to join the city tour on day one. Most of them are first time being in Taiwan. “It is a nice country with many vibrant and advanced things”, said Rani.

On May 25 and 26, the MC bootcamp take place in TTA, a famous startup site in Taipei. DCB crew conducts the session for the life science team, Hank, Alley and Rani are the main mentors to provide their best ever experience for the teams. Unlike general courses in Taiwan, it is a very unique methodology, one on one; keynotes and workshop are the main factors of this camp. “Although tough, but very fruitful”, said Medfluid, a Taiwanese startup.