Eligibility requirements:

New startups:  Individuals and Teams intending to establish a company by November 30th, 2018.
Existing Ventures: Early stage startups looking to ramp up quickly and go global!

Stage 1: Startup Bootcamp
Up to 100 individuals and teams will be accepted for a 3-day startup crash course, culminating in a massive Monday pitch event. March 22, 23 and 26, 2018

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Stage 2: Business Plan Crash Course

Over the course of one month, up to thirty (30) finalists from Stage I will learn everything there is to know about starting a company.
April 1 - April 30, 2018

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Stage 3: Scale Up

The top 15 finalists from Stage II will embark on an intensive three month course to learn what it takes to scale up, get funded and go global.
June 15 - September 15, 2018.

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Stage 4: International Soft Landing

Selected startups will be placed with our overseas partners in the US, Asia and Europe.

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Leveraging Taiwan's unique advantages

The Phoenix Project's four broad areas of focus include:

  • Medical Technologies - Biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and other medicinal applications.
  • Consumer Goods - Including cosmetics, supplements, functional foods & beverages, and other consumer products.
  • Digital Technologies - AI, blockchain, apps, video games, information services & platforms, medical devices, wearables, and IC design.
  • Cultural Creativity - Projects that leverage the power of design in both products and services.

About the Phoenix Project

Entrepreneurship is as much about the journey as it is about the destination. It is about solving problems -- both big and small -- achieving goals, and learning to be brave. A primary goal of the Phoenix Project is to boost the spirit of entrepreneurship in Taiwan, and bring forth Taiwan's many great talents and gifts for the benefit of the world.

Get in touch with us

Grace Lee: grace2786@dcb.org.tw
Janice Liu: janiceliu@dcb.org.tw

Phone: 02-2655-8633 ext.8006 / 8009

17F, No. 3 Park Street, Taipei 115